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Investment Portfolio Sahib Gill (100576930) Professor Roger Crosbie TA Brendan Costigan Lab W02 June 7 th , 2011
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Financial Position My financial position is currently one that is generally seen amongst many students who attend university away from home. Paying for schooling isn't as cheap as one would assume it'd be. That is why there are things like OSAP to assist students in financing their expensive years at university. To help pay for all my expenses, such as tuition fees, residence fees, grocery fees and all other miscellaneous fees, I decided to take a loan to help pay off these expenses. Although many loans have complex interest plans in order to make money, OSAP has no interest fees until a student has graduated or been omitted from their program of study. My current income is heavily based upon the money I make from working part-time with Pepsi Canada. My current plan to create the ideal investments will come from being both a conservative and aggressive investor. Having a conservative portfolio will help protect its value, and would potentially provide long-term capital growth after investing in high-quality equities. From an aggressive viewpoint, I must keep in mind of the risks; by accepting more risks would give the opportunity to achieve both capital growth and a steady income. With the $10,000 investment, I will be strategically investing in bonds, preferred shares, GIC's with both aggressive and conservative approaches. Overall, planning out both conservative and aggressive strategic moves will help achieve a balanced portfolio. Objectives and Asset Allocation The most important and most obvious goal of any investor is to constitute a successful and high earning investment portfolio. One thing to keep in mind when investing in certain stocks, is to essentially aim to diversify and variate all investments into a variety of different businesses. The first initial goal is to increase my initial investment by as much as possible through a variety of both high and low risk investments. Seeing as this is the most obvious goal, it is the base to assist all other goals
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Investing Portfolio - Investment Portfolio Sahib...

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