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Geology notes october 1 for exam 2

Geology notes october 1 for exam 2 - up-Collapse in Florida...

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Geology Rivers transport weathered materials in solution, in suspension, and as bed load. When a river enters an ocean or lake It drops its suspended load and forms a delta. Sand carried to the ocean by rivers is transported along the coast and forms barrier islands and beaches. -These deposits consist of relatively pure quartz sand and heavy minerals. Caves and karsts form when the underlying rock is easily soluble. -Stalactites-form from roof -Stalagmites-project from floor -Form from calcium carbonate Caves form when limestone is dissolved by carbonic acid -Decaying organic matter in soil produces carbon dioxide -Carbon dioxide dissolves in water to make carbonic acid -Carbonic acid dissolves limestone Rainwater drains down sinkholes, through the caves to the springs or streams. Cover collapse sinkholes form when soil ravels through the aven until the cavity becomes so large that is collapses (nuisance) Cave collapse sinkholes form when the cavern roof breaks (hazard) -Guatemala City Feb. 2007 several homes and a truck were swallowed
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Unformatted text preview: up-Collapse in Florida occurred over several hours allowing the owner of the house to escape.-Winter Park, Fl- May 1981: during a period of record low water levels in Florida’s limestone aquifer, a massive sinkhole opened up. In a single day the hole widened to 320 feet and to a depth of 90 feet, destroying and import car dealership, a public pool, and large portions of a road. Karst terrain is easily recognizable on topographic maps-Sinkholes have hatcher marks on the downhill side of the contour lines.-Karst terrain often has disappearing streams and big springs-Natural Bridge, Rockbridge, County, VA is the remains of a collapsed cave.-Advanced karsts are characterized by pinnacles.-Travertine, the doughnut hold of a karst ^travertine precipitates when groundwater that has dissolved limestone reappears on the surface and Degases carbon dioxide-Karst regions often have severe groundwater contamination ^An important source of contamination is disposal of wastes into sinkholes...
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Geology notes october 1 for exam 2 - up-Collapse in Florida...

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