Geology notes october 3 for exam 2

Geology notes october 3 for exam 2 - Landslide hazards...

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Geology Mass wasting carries rock and soil down slope into streams and rivers -LaConchita California Slump Mass wasting is gravity’s answer it mountains - burial>lithification>uplift Soil creep is the very slow movement of soil downslope -soil creep is recognized by the tilting of surface features. Mass wasting takes many forms -falls, slides, slumps and flows Slope stability is a balance between gravity and friction -Safety factor< 1 =slope unstable -safety factor= 1.0- 1.5 ??? -safety factor> 1.5 = slope stable Water encourages slope failure -water lubricates the sliding surface
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-water adds weight to sliding mass Drains can improve slope stability by removing the water -Springs along a road cut Over steeping slopes often leads to failure Retaining walls can stabilize slopes
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Unformatted text preview: Landslide hazards occur across the US-Why is the landslide hazard much larger in the Appalachian Mountains? The Frank Slide Alberta, Canada April 29,1903-Frank is a small coal mining community at the southern end of the Canadian Rockies. &amp;4 million tons of limestone crashed from the east face of Turtle Mountain and covered 3 square km of the valley floor. The slide dammed the crowsnest river and formed a small lake, covered 2 km of the Canadian Pacific Railway, destroyed most of the coal mines surface infrastructure, and buried seven houses on the outskirts of the sleeping town of Frank, as well as several rural buildings. Frank was home to approximately 600 people in 1903, of the roughly 100 indviduals who lived in the path of the slide, more than 70 were killed....
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Geology notes october 3 for exam 2 - Landslide hazards...

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