Geology notes october 31 for exam 3

Geology notes october 31 for exam 3 - -But it is present in...

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Geology CO2 and global warming -Increasing use of fossil fuels as an energy source means increasing release rates of CO2 into the atmosphere Increasing CO2 in the atmosphere means a bigger greenhouse effect -The greenhouse effect occurs when gases in the atmosphere absorb infrared radiation, which would otherwise escape to space, and radiate that energy back to the earth. -More trapped infrared radiation means a higher air temperature CO2 is not the only substance that contributes to the greenhouse effect
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Unformatted text preview: -But it is present in the atmosphere in the largest amount CO2 concentrations in Hawaii have steadily increased over the past several decades-CO2 concentrations fluctuate most in the northern hemisphere. Over the past 400ky global temperatures seem to correlate with the CO2 content of the atmosphere.-But we don’t know whether the CO2 causes warming or whether warming releases CO2...
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