CO2 sequestration

CO2 sequestration - Disposing CO2 from fossil fuels Is this...

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Unformatted text preview: Disposing CO2 from fossil fuels Is this what will happen if we don’t stop releasing CO2 to the atmosphere? In the U.S. there are many sedimentary formations that could host CO2 disposal What happens if the CO2 disposal reservoirs leak? Crystal Geyser, UT is a cold water geyser driven by CO2 It is an abandoned oil well that was not properly plugged CO2 toxicity 1% Slight increase in breathing rate. 2% Breathing rate increases to 50% above normal level. Prolonged exposure can cause headache, tiredness. 3% Breathing increases to twice normal rate and becomes labored. Weak narcotic effect. Impaired hearing, headache, increase in blood pressure and pulse rate. 4-5% Breathing increases to approximately four times normal rate, symptoms of intoxication become evident and slight choking may be felt. 5-10% Characteristic sharp odor noticeable. Very labored breathing, headache, visual impairment and ringing in the ears. Judgment may be impaired, followed within minutes by loss of consciousness. 50-100% Unconsciousness occurs more rapidly above 10% level. Prolonged exposure to high concentrations may eventually result in death from asphyxiation. Massive CO2 release is always a concern Eruption of CO2 Lake Nyos, Cameroon on Aug. 21, 1986 killed 1,700 people and 3,500 livestock ...
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