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File Mgmt Homework Instructions - ACIS 1504 File Management...

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ACIS 1504 – File Management Homework Uploading Homework to Courseware Server You may begin this homework assignment during the second week of classes. Do not start before that date because the Courseware folders will not be setup until that time. The steps necessary to complete this homework assignment will be demonstrated in class during the first two weeks of classes. File management is an essential skill for all computer users, not just computer professionals. These instructions and the File Management Tutorial located on the class website will teach you how to copy files from your hard drive to a server on the Internet, also called uploading files. Upon completion of this assignment, it will be assumed that you have mastered this skill. If you do not feel confident uploading files and verifying the success of the file transfer, you should seek assistance from your instructor immediately because mastery of this skill is essential to submitting all future application homework assignments in this class. Failure to successfully upload the correct, completed file to the proper destination on time will result in a zero grade for the assignment. Courseware is a Virginia Tech file server for faculty use associated with their courses. I have a folder on the Courseware server. I have setup several folders for you within my Courseware folder; one folder for each homework assignment. All folders are accessible with my username and password as well as my TAs’. Your folders are also accessible with your username and password. No one else has access to your folders. The software we will use to upload files is called WebDrive. Pamplin 2010 has WebDrive installed on the lab computers for your use. Mac users, see the class website File Management Homework page for additional instructions. For this homework assignment, all you need to do is upload this instruction document to your correct Courseware folder. You do not need to create a new file, simply upload this document that you are reading. This uploading procedure is also part of each future homework assignment. CDs and other secondary storage devices will not be accepted for this or any future homework. Homework uploaded to other servers will not be accepted. Homework uploaded to another student’s Courseware folder may not be accepted. E-mailed homework solutions will not be accepted. Please note that your Courseware folder for each assignment will be available from the second week of class until the due date for that assignment. On the due date, the folder for that assignment will not be available to you because I disable them while grading. ACIS 1504 Page: 1 of 6
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Downloading this Instruction D ocument 1. Go to the class website 2. Select COURSE ASSIGNMENTS then HOMEWORK . 3.
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File Mgmt Homework Instructions - ACIS 1504 File Management...

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