RLG100- Lecture 10 - Kings: -Saul - David: starts out as...

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Kings: - Saul - David: starts out as farmer, then unites Israelite people and defeats the Philistines; takes Jerusalem, and becomes a national capital - Solomon (david's son): builds a great temple on a hill called Z ION lavish w/t all riches etc ( but emphasis on centralized g.ment and conscript labour alinetates 10 Northern tribs Shortly after his death ( 921bce ) kingdom splits into 2 halves (READ BOOK): N ORTHERN S ECTION - - "I SRAEL " - CENTERED IN S AMARIA - UNTIL DISPERSED BY A SSYRIANS IN 722 BCE (10 LOST TRIBES AFTER THAT ) S OUTHERN S ECTION - -2 tribes centered on Jerusalem called themselves Judah and continued until Babylonian defeat gets invaded by Babylonians and leadership of Jewish community is taken prisoner to Babylon (exiled) *this is during ~586 BCE - period of Babylonian exile - a transformative event in Jewish history 586BCE - First Exile - beginning of Judaism proper Babylonian exile - Shatenezar (?) was overrunning the southern Judea, and took leadership of community and exiled them. This is followed by a revolt, and second invasion by Babylonian (
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RLG100- Lecture 10 - Kings: -Saul - David: starts out as...

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