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RLG100- Lecture 11

RLG100- Lecture 11 - 528BCE Persians take over Babylon Jews...

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Unformatted text preview: 528BCE - Persians take over Babylon, Jews a l lowed to retu r n- Second Commonwealt h S E C O N D CO M M O N W EAL T H- people return to land. → 528BCE - Cyrus the Persian takes over Babylonian empire, and encourages Jews to go back home and establish temple; → a lot of the Jews do not return home however, because they established roots - in fact, majority do not return and become origins of Jewish diaspora in this area - eventually played a major role in writ ing of Talmud ; they engage themselves in creative + scholarly activity and become → ' CA N N O N I ZA T I O N P R O C ESS ' of Hebrew Bible - people feel that if they don't formalize Jewish heritage now it may be lost - alerted because of the first diaspora- is the establishment of scripture where many members contribute their understanding of history/Jewish past and then commitee decides which ones should be considered official part of history and which will be marginal; compilation of narratives of Jewish past (*cannonization happens in every religion);finally decided what elements...
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