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RLG100- Lecture 14 - Jesus movement/CHRISTIANITY yes began...

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Jesus movement/ C HRISTIANITY - yes, began as sect of Judaism - similar to apocalyptic views to other sects (esp Essenes), as well as Messianism - concept of repentance (ie public repentance, purification through baptism) similar to apocalyptic sects - but what is different is that whereas sects such as Essenes are for priests and a small group of people, Christinatiy strives to convert distressed and sinful - available to everyone willing. pg 79-81 for thoughts during Hellenistic Period - Messianism, Apocalypticism 70CE - Destruction of Second Temple → After Greeks, Israel became a protectorate of Roman Empire ( 64BCE - Pompey ) (Alexander dies, Romans become the powerful force; Destruction of Second Temple b/c of Zealot Revolt of 66CE : → collapse of Judaism in 70CE marks a major point in Jewish history, from where there is no going back. Geographical implications: - Jewish community permanently exiled from Holy land; allowed back once a year to grieve at what used to be the Temple; DIASPORA PART II -
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