RLG100- Lecture 17 - M i d d le Ages situation of Jewish...

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Unformatted text preview: M i d d le Ages situation of Jewish community profoundly affected by 2 other religions: of Christianity and Islam most of the last 2000 years Christianity was very hostile to Judaism, whereas Islam was tolerant/friendly/differential. Christian accounts of the origins of its faith persisted in picturing Judaism rather than Roman repression as the cause of the death of Jesus. Jewish community for its part never accepted claim that Jesus was the Messiah and hence tended to resist Christian teaching for the last 2000 years. Chirsitian commuinity furthermore attempted to alieante Judaism in the beginning by doing away with rituals etc (ie very early on did away with circumcision, observance of purity laws/ K OS H E R concept of food (know from book)) Jewish diaspora by the 9th century spread into most parts of the world and Europe; after 9th century much of south Africa, Europe controlled by Muslims - mostly respectful of Judaism as tradition and accepting, and Judaism in Spain, Egypt, Mediterranean, I raq - all these areas under Islam control - Judaism flourished. This was a very fertile period in terms of intellectual/artistic development in Islam and impacted Jewish community. Divisions in the Medeival Period: 1. S E P H A R D I M- south: in mediteranean: in Spain/Portugal/( Italy, Jews from Morocco to Iraq and the Yemen ) -in Mediterranean and took on blend of Lat in languages mixed with Hebrew - came to be the S EPHARD IM LANGUAGES- Spain + Portugal = centre of Sephardic intellectual life- also important Sephardic centres in Italy, Turkish Empire 2. A S H K E N A Z I M- north: eastern+central Europe - Germany, poland,russia, romania, hungary; Groups that eminated from Europe - spoke in blends of German, polish, hebrew -...
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RLG100- Lecture 17 - M i d d le Ages situation of Jewish...

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