RLG100 - Lecture 23

RLG100 - Lecture 23 - How did Christianity go from its...

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Unformatted text preview: How did Christianity go from its authentic Jewish roots into an independent missionary religion? 1. Pre-Fourth Century Break With Judaism → For first part of 1st century: Christianity = sub-sect of Pharisaic Judaism - uses Jewish terminology/concepts to express itself → by 30/40s/50s the mainstream/larger Jewish population (more diverse now) is not so accommodating/receptive to the message of Christianity and so it develops differently.- b/c of differences on messiah: political or spiritual, and view on practices being in way of actual relationship w/t God: see Jesus and Judaism in beginning ( → primary differences are not those of content but of emphasis (ie Jesus identified himself as a Jew but defered in degree to which Jewish laws should apply/be given priority - a little impatient with how religious observances could become barriers to human relationships - ie performing certain kinds of words on the Sabbath; In theological content Jesus' teachings and ethics were Jewish; major difference is that expectations in Jewish community was of political & spiritual leader,...
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RLG100 - Lecture 23 - How did Christianity go from its...

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