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3. through Jesus we have salvation - took on bodily form (virginity of Mary is upheld), became man, crucified by Pontius Pilate, suffered, was buried and rose again on the 3rd day. (*all these points are affirmations of Christian belief) 4. ascended into heaven and sits at right hand of God 5. will emerge again at day of judgement 6. emergence of doctrine of Trinity : God = 3 manifestations: father, son, and Holy Spirit. (son = both human and divine). This reflects Church trying to appeal to widest possible clientelle. (*Trinity was not always part of Christian belief - in New Testament although all 3 are mentioned, never at together as a string) From this co-dotrine we can now identify assertions of other people that conflict with this/ Heresies 2nd-3/4th century - big concern with identifying Jesus, Christian belief system, Christian scripture - ie what is relation of Hebrew Bible to Christians Christian community defined Old Testament = Hebrew Bible New Testament/covenant - the gospels - New Covenant with God
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