RLG100 - Lecture 26 - A fter his death successive emperrors...

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After his death successive emperrors maintained support for Christianity it never went back to its status as a minority religion. ( Julian after Constantine wanted to re-establish paganism but never went back to persecution of Chrisitans ). 4. Christianity became an official religion of Roman Empire with Theodosius the Fi rst (379-95) (end of fourth century) (book) who officially established Christianity as a religion of the Roman Empire. Associating with Christianity became a way to get ahead politically and socially Whereas before it was illegal and development of chrisitian monuments/institutions was illegal, now Christianity and its art, church, music etc flourished. Also there was development in area of theology - emperors would sponsor theological councils (such as of Nicea) where Christian doctrine could be debated/fine-tuned/formalized, Christian riturals could be formalized; We see this development in early centuries after Constantine's edict of toleration and henceforth Chrsitianity spread rapidly through Europe, Mediterranean, and what is now the MIddle East, North Africa. All this under Constantine. 3. 5th to 15th Century Fall of Roman Empire eventually, development of 2 relatively distinct varieties of Christianity: 1. employs language of Latin for liturgy -in Europe; comes to be called Western Christianity 2.the other type that comes to be called Eastern Christianity - takes shape/form around city of Constantinople in Turkey/Istanbul ; develops around Greek language The above two have similar/almost identical doctrines, but as time goes on differences develop between one and the other and these differences become significant enough to
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RLG100 - Lecture 26 - A fter his death successive emperrors...

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