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RLG100 - Lecture 27 - 2 B yzantine...

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2. Byzantine Church ( G REEK /E ASTERN /O RTHODOX C HURCH ) - constantinople capital of greek-speaking eastern part of Roman empire/'Byzantine Empire' : Constantinople ( one of the patriarch centres )- spread from Byzantium(Constanitnople) to eastern Europe → operates relatively independently from stuff going on in Europe → evolves different flavour in practice; developed icons - images of religious figures Greek Orthodox form of Christianity is the one that spread to eastern Europe from Byzantium. Missionaries would go and teach in vernacular (native) languages as opposed to Greek. → the missionary effort sparked in 9th century by brothers Cyrill and Methodius . (went to Moravia in md-9th century to establish Church there) Cyrillic - a new alphabet (modification of Greek) for Slavic languages (Russian, Ukr, Bulgar, Serbian) was developed and named in Cyrill's honour. → Bulgaria, Greece, Russia and Ukraine were Orhtodox now. In Russia, first Christiantiy intorduced in Kiev (wt Vladimir - a pagan ruler who married a Byzantine emperror's sister - and enforced Christianity through force - this was in 10th century; then Kiev was sacked by Mongols in 13th century and Russia became major centre of Orthodoxy in Europe). Romania - colonized by Rome in 4th century - adopted Christianity then, but became eventually Orthodox. - Uniate Churches - results of efforts of Rome to recruit Christians in Eastern Orthodox world.
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RLG100 - Lecture 27 - 2 B yzantine...

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