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Jainic Tradition: Community → composed of all groups: monks/nuns; lay males + females - together called tirthas ; oldest religion to have an order of nuns very early on (at conception) - in fact, early on nuns outnumbered monks - a lot more women started taking on ascetic orders. →Split of community: - after the death of Mahavira the community comes together and tries to maintain the pattern of ascetic practice - 4th century bce councils (ie one meeting in Patna) fail to resolve conflicts regarding original Jain doctrine and by 6th century Svetabmbara officially separates through establighing own scripture. - eventually, the tradition splits into 2 broad groups/2 sects: Svetambara (white-clad - so in ascetic practice they wear white clothing) and Digambara (sky-clad - don’t wear clothing). Similarities: -both follow ascetic practices, after Mahavira -both maintain that original Jain texts called purvas were lost. -both discourage scripture reading alone without ascetic practice, as well as scripture reading alone
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