RLG100 - Lecture 38

RLG100 - Lecture 38 - 1.) non-harm - Ahimsa - very...

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1.) non-harm - Ahimsa - very important term for all indic traditions The most important of all of these - Jainism really defines itself by- the first one - Ahimsa. "Ahimsa is the greatest" (translation?) - it's our first consideration at all times - avoid injury to all beings at all costs. This concern really structures/shapes Jainism and shapes what it becomes as a tradition, and shapes both its lay and monastic practices. a.) Physical actions: Concern for animals: - Jains are all naturally vegetarian (because injury to animals is to be avoided) -Jain monks also donate to causes like hospitals for animals, hospital for sick/injured birds (in Dehli is a famous one), also known to go to places that sell animals for food and free them/rear them in protective environment. So in every way there is concern for Ahimsa is shaping Jain practice. → Concern for plants: plants life is to be taken as sparingly and respectfully as possible. So if you live in a climate that is multiple in produce if you can possibly avoid it you don’t go picking vegetables yourself, ideally (esp in monastic practice) you wait until it falls naturally on the ground (ie naturally severed itself from root/tree). Of course this is ideal so you can pick fruit/vegetable but you do it sparingly/respectfully. →Concern for microorganisms: -Jainism is the first religious practice to develop sensitivity to idea that microorganisms live in air/water/trees and we should try avoid eating those ads well. So in monastic practice, monks/nuns typically wear a mask over their mouths - and the idea here is that you avoid injuring microbes in air with
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RLG100 - Lecture 38 - 1.) non-harm - Ahimsa - very...

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