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Evolutionary Biology - Study Guide/Review for Mid-term 3 The exam will cover lecture material, assigned readings in text, and EvoBeaker workbooks. Understand special terms and the examples used to illustrate concepts. I. Review Questions on Species, Speciation, and Adaptive Radiation A. Species – groups of individuals that have genetic continuity (gene flow) in time and space. 1. What are the three species concepts we discussed in class? 2. Why are different species concepts necessary in practice? 3. What are the situations where the different concepts are used? 4 What are situations when a species cannot be determined objectively? 5. What is the formal expression of a species name? 6. What is a modern species concept for bacteria and archaea? 8. What is an example of a cline? B. Speciation - In general, you should understand that modern organismal diversity is the result of numerous speciation events that have occurred over the past 3-4 billion years. 1. What are the major components of the speciation process? 2. What is the time scale of geographic speciation and of polyploidy? 3. What are the types of organisms association with geographic speciation and polyploidy? 4. How do vicariance and dispersal differ? 5. What is accomplished by both vicariance and dispersal with regards to speciation? 6. Why is polyploidy considered instant speciation?
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StudyGuide3 - Evolutionary Biology - Study Guide/Review for...

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