Fall10Syllabus1M - Required Materials: Grading: Chemistry...

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Chemistry Department, University of California, Santa Cruz Chemistry 1M, General Chemistry Lab Required Materials: CHEM 1M/N Lab Manual; Laboratory Notebook (makes duplicates); scientific calculator; goggles Grading: A c t i v i t y : P o i n t s : Prelabs 7 × 25 = 175 Attendance 9 × 5 = 45 Week 1 Worksheet 1 × 30 = 30 Lab data summaries 5 × 25 = 125 Lab reports (2) 2 × 100 = 200 Lab quizzes 7 × varies = 100 Scholarship 1 × 25 = 25 Total: 700 To pass this course, you must: perform all experiments, complete all prelabs, turn in all lab summaries, turn in the specified lab reports, and get at least 50% on the exams. This grading scheme is tentative but changes will be announced. There is a 25%-per-day-late penalty for late work (this includes turning work in at the end of the lab period). If you are already enrolled by the first day of class, you have a spot in the lab and lecture as long as you are on time to your first lab meeting (late/absent students will be dropped from the lab if there are students waiting to add). Make-ups: Do not miss a lab session. You must notify me and your TA in advance of an absence. Make-ups must be performed no later than 1 week after the missed lab period, and documentation regarding the absence must be provided. Make-up sessions will not qualify for attendance points. Lab Attire: Goggles can be purchased at the stockroom (bring student ID). Closed-toed shoes, and covered shoulders, calves, and mid- riffs are required. No tank-tops, tube-tops, shorts, sandals, etc., are allowed. No “modified” clothes such as feet in sandals in plastic bags. Lab-Prep: Pre-labs will be checked for completeness at the BEGINNING of the lab period. Pre-labs generally include: a title and date; vocabulary/definitions; pre-lab questions and answers; an outline of the procedure; and, any required data tables. Pre-labs should be written in your lab notebook (see the lab manual). Lab Summaries: Lab summaries will be collected for 5 of the 7 experiments. Specific results and example calculations should be neatly written out, and your sources of error should include a discussion of your results. You should also answer the review questions posed
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Fall10Syllabus1M - Required Materials: Grading: Chemistry...

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