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lrfd 0001 - REFERENCE STRENGTHS 7 3.1 General The tables in...

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Unformatted text preview: REFERENCE STRENGTHS 7 3.1 General The tables in this chapter provide LRFD reference strengths for design of structural lumber members. These strengths are used when manual calculation of member strength is required, and shall be used in conjunction with the adjustment factors specified in Chapter 4. 3.2 Tables of Reference Strengths The tables of reference strengths are similar to the tables in the 1991 NDS Supplement, with reference strengths being factored per ASTM D5457—93 and values expressed in ksi (kips per square inch). Table 3.1 (me- chanically graded dimension lumber) corresponds to NDS table 4C. Table 3.2 (visually graded dimension lumber) corresponds to NDS Tables 4A and 43. Table 3.3 (visu- ally graded timbers) corresponds to NDS Table 4D. Table , 3.4 (bearing design values) corresponds to NDS Table 2A. Table 3.5 (visually graded decking) corresponds to NDS Table 4B. The tables follow the same format as the allowable stress design National Design Specification‘fi for Wood _ Construction (NDS®, 1991). Note that the adjustment factors to be used with these tables are identical for all tables with the exception of the application of the size factor (see footnotes to Table 4.3). ...
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