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02:00:43 Reading points from Belter textbook, Bioseparations Ch 1 – Overview of bioseparations Scale and product concentration in biotech processes vs traditional chemical processes. Sec 1.1 Diversity of products and cell lines in biotech Common features of biotech processes despite diversity Length and complexity of bioprocesses vs traditional chemical processes. Sec 1.2 Basic architecture of bioprocesses. Sec 3.4 – centrifugal filtration A special case of filtration: centrifugal force rather than pressure drives the fluid through the cake. Given filter cake is on a cylindrical surface, not a flat surface, the filtrate flowrate depends on “r”. Ch 6 - Adsorption Introduction Adsorption primarily an isolation step – to isolate and concentrate the product, not to remove difficult impurities that are very similar to the product. Four basic steps in an adsorption unit opn. Strengths of adsorption vs extraction. Sec 6.1 – chemistry of adsorption
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Reading%20points%20for%20Belter%20c%20090815 - 02:00:43...

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