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Larry weelk 1 checkpoint - This will give the racial groups...

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Running head: DEFINING RACE AND ETHNICITY 1 Defining Race and Ethnicity Larry Eckel ETH/125 July 6, 2010 Ellen Kang
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DEFINING RACE AND ETHNICITY 2 Defining Race and Ethnicity What do the terms race and ethnicity mean to me? Race means the group of human in society that we belong to such as Caucasian, African, Indian, Hispanic, etc. which are set apart by certain, obvious traits like skin color, hair characteristics, and facial features. I do not like terms like race because I believe this separates society as soon as we give this title. This breaks people in groups that start racism and prejudices. Ethnicity means the cultural group we belong to and its characteristics of belonging to that group or nationality origins. People will many times know these groups by how they dress or languages. Why are these concepts important to United States society?
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Unformatted text preview: This will give the racial groups their identity and promote many of the beliefs they possess. This encourages religion, food, dress, schooling, and even the types of jobs available. I do not believe in the segregation that is happening in society. Just because we different hair color, eye shaping, eye color, and voice, we need to need to helps others when they are struggling because they may be more scared than we are of them. Many people are just worried about making changes necessary to accept new cultures. I have made so new strong friends of the Hispanic culture by giving them a few extra acknowledgements and respect when I see them in public and I invite change to stop the arrogance to make the change necessary. They have strengths to teach us to bring acceptance to our society....
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Larry weelk 1 checkpoint - This will give the racial groups...

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