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Current Business Research Project Notes

Current Business Research Project Notes - Current Business...

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Current Business Research Project Paper (350 – 700 words; 100 words each) Define the business research and its purpose. The authors of the paper use recent literature to show whether or not the debate on marketing alcohol influences young people to begin drinking is still relevant or if the debaters have moved on. The authors state that econometric studies show that alcohol marketing has a minimal effect on youth drinking but recent research shows that there is a link between marketing and young people drinking behavior. The debate concerning alcohol marketing policy could impact alcohol brewers and distributors in a fiscal manner (Gordon & Moodie, 2010). Explain the business problems under investigation. Is alcohol marketing directly responsible for underage drinking? The authors report that in a 6 years span the number of underage drinkers aged rose 43% for underage boys and 82% for underage girls. There has been a 20% increase in hospital admissions due to alcohol consumption which the authors equate to 20 underage drinkers a day because of alcohol abuse.
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