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Syllabus GEOGRAPHY 597.02: Integrated Earth Systems: Confronting Global Change WINTER, 2007 Lecture: Derby Hall 1080: 9:00 - 10:18 a.m.: Tuesday and Thursday Recitation : Derby Hall 140 (in basement): Thursday (10:30 - 11:48 am) Professor: Dr. Ellen Mosley-Thompson ( Office: Derby Hall 1140; Telephone: 292-6662 or 292-2580 Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday: 10:15 to noon or by appointment Graduate Teaching Assistant: Karin Bumbaco Office: 1145 Derby Hall (ph: 292-6127); email: Office hours: Tuesday: 9:30 to 11:30 am and Friday 9:30 to 11:30 am; or by appointment Course Objectives: This course is taught in a lecture / recitation format and is designed to provide a basic understanding of both natural and anthropogenic (human produced) climate change. You will explore the key issues surrounding 20 th century climate change (including global warming and sea level rise) and the role of human activities in shaping the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the environment that sustains life on Earth. Lectures will provide an introduction to the mechanisms that control the Earth’s climate regimes, basics of ecosystems interactions, and actions to help ensure sustainable supplies of water, energy, clean air, soils and food for the Earth’s growing population. A key objective is to provide you with the knowledge base and skills to critically evaluate information you read or hear concerning climate change, global warming and related environmental issues. Textbook and Recitation Materials (required): Note this text was used in 2005 so you may be able to find it used. (1) Sustaining the Earth , G.T. Miller, Jr. Wadsworth Publishers, 2007 (8 th Edition) (2) The lecture syllabus, the recitation syllabus, your recitation exercises, computer tutorials and additional required reference materials will be available at the appropriate time on the class web page. You merely visit the class web page and print them at your convenience. I suggest that you bookmark the class web page in your internet browser. The class web address is http://geog- If you have trouble getting to the web page by typing this in - log into the Geography Dept. web page [] and from here click onto the classes and then on 597.02. Throughout the quarter additional reading and reference materials may be required. ALL reference materials (unless otherwise noted) will be placed on closed reserve in the Geology Library in Orton Hall [the building with the bell tower on the south side the Oval]. The materials will be filed under Geography 597.02 unless otherwise indicated. Please Note:
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syllabus - Syllabus GEOGRAPHY 597.02: Integrated Earth...

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