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Ve320, Summer 2011 Introduction to Semiconductor Device Theory Instructors: Prof. Zhaohui Zhong [email protected] JI 121 TA: Pinjie Huang (huangpinjie) Jialing Tong (tongjialing ) Rui Zhang (zhangrui0702) Class Hours: Monday 14:00-15:40 (Dong Xia Yuan 200) Wednesday 14:00-15:40 (Dong Xia Yuan 200) Thursday 16:00-17:40 (Dong Zhong Yuan 2-103) Friday 10:00-11:40 (Dong Xia Yuan 200) Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00-12:00 Thursday 13:00-15:00 JI 121 Textbook: Pierret, Robert F., Semiconductor Device Fundamentals . New York: Addison Wesley Longman, 1996. ISBN 0-201-54393-1 Email Questions: Include “Ve320” in the subject line for faster responses (otherwise you risk the message getting buried in the daily e-mail flood). Grading: Grades for this course will be based on homework, midterm exam and a final exam in the following proportions: Homeworks (approximately 6) 20% Midterm Exam 40% Final Exam (Comprehensive) 40% Class participation will be used to adjust letter grades in borderline cases. Letter grades will be assigned at the end of the term and will be based on the instructor’s assessment of student comprehension of course material. The class is typically graded on a curve with a mean corresponding to a grade of B (3.0/4.0). In the case of excellent student performance, the mean grade may
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This note was uploaded on 08/09/2011 for the course EE 320 taught by Professor Zhongzhaohui during the Summer '11 term at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

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Syllabus+Ve320+Summer+2011 - Ve320 Summer 2011 Introduction...

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