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Handout+15_Evaluating+Speed+Limitation+of+CMOS+Inverter -...

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1 Copyright The course contents are protected under the copyright laws of the United States and other countries. This course is designated for personal use only and all intellectual property rights of such course contents are reserved by Knowledge Master, Inc. Any distributing, copying or public performance of such course contents, including PowerPoint slides, handout, video and audio sound-track, is Dr. Vincent Chang strictlyp rohibited and may subject theoffender to severe criminal penalties. (Title 17, United State Code, Section 501 & 506) Copyright © by Knowledge Master, Inc. Lecture Evaluating Speed Limitation of Dr. Vincent Chang Evaluating Speed Limitation of
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2 Outline Basic Dynamic Propagation Basic concepts • Dynamic operation • Static operation Dynamic operation • Graphical analysis • Charging operation Propagation delay • Propagation delay t PHL • Propagation delay t PLH Dr. Vincent Chang • Discharging operation Review—NMOS Inverter Dr. Vincent Chang ) ( 2 1 OH OL V V + ) ( 2 1 OL OH V V +
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Handout+15_Evaluating+Speed+Limitation+of+CMOS+Inverter -...

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