Ve312_Homework+1 - [Ve312 : Digital Integrated Circuits...

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Unformatted text preview: [Ve312 : Digital Integrated Circuits Homework 1] Page 1 University of Michigan ‐ Shanghai Jiao ‐ Tong University Joint Institute Ve312: Digital Integrated Circuits Homework 1 (Due: 9/20/2010) Source: Certificate Program in Integrated ‐ Circuit Design and Techniques University of California, Berkeley Extension 1. MOSFET—Use SPICE as a Curve Tracer M1 is an enhancement MOSFET with = OX n C μ 20μA/V 2 , = t V 1V , λ =0, L=10μm and W=400μm. With a fixed Vds voltage of 6V, plot the transfer characteristic of the MOSFET M1, the drain current Id vs. Vgs. Hint : SPICE Circuit File (.cir file or Input File or Code): Id-Vgs Characteristics of a N-Channel Enhancement-Type MOSFET *circuit description Vds 2 0 DC 6V Vgs 1 0 DC 4V * MOSFET model description M1 2 1 0 0 e_mos L=10u W=400u .model e_mos nmos (kp=20u Vto=+1V lambda=0) * analysis requests . DC Vgs 0V 12V 50mV * output requests * .PLOT DC I(Vgs) V(2) .probe .end v DS 2 1 v GS M 1 [Ve312 : Digital Integrated Circuits Homework 1] Page 2 2. Metal ‐ Oxide ‐ Semiconductor Field ‐ Effect Transistors—SPICE Modeling SPICE simulation: (a), (b), (c), and (e)...
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Ve312_Homework+1 - [Ve312 : Digital Integrated Circuits...

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