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[Ve312 : Digital Integrated Circuits Homework 2] Page 1 University of Michigan Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute Ve312: Digital Integrated Circuits Homework 2 (Due: 9/29/2010) Source: Certificate Program in Integrated Circuit Design and Techniques University of California, Berkeley Extension 1. Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors —SPICE Simulation vs. Hand Analysis For the circuit shown below, M 1 1 2 M 2 V DD = 10V M1 is an enhancement MOSFET with = OX n C μ 10mA/V 2 , = 0 t V 3V , 1 = L W ,and 0 = λ , while M2 is a depletion MOSFET with = OX n C 1.11mA/V 2 , = 0 t V 3V , W / L = 1 , and 0 = . Note: The depletion MOSFET is the one that an n channel is implanted during the manufacturing process. Normally, its threshold voltage is negative . (a) Use PSPICE to simulate the circuit, get the dc operating point, and print out the output file with a dc bias solution. Hint: SPICE Circuit (Input) File
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Ve312_Homework+2 - Ve312: Homework2(Due Source:...

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