Anthropology 4590 Midterm Review

Anthropology 4590 Midterm Review - Be familiar with...

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Anthropology 4590 / 6590 Midterm: Ecology and Evolution of Human Disease What anthropology contributes to study of human disease – Emic and etic perspectives – Cultural relativism, ethnocentrism, noble-savage syndrome, bioethnocentrism – Disease, Illness, Sickness – Fitness (define/discuss in context of natural selection) – Natural selection – Evolutionary (Ultimate) and Proximate Explanations – Constraints, defense, trade-off, conflict, mismatch, etc…why humans are vulnerable to disease – (Categories of reasons for vulnerabilities to disease) – Evolutionary perspective on human childbirth –
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Host, Agent, Vector – Methods of transmission – Exposure vs. Infection vs. Symptoms – Anthroponotic and zoootic – Incidence, prevalence – Endemic, epidemic, pandemic – Human adaptation to malaria, especially examples from lecture/Desowitz –
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Unformatted text preview: Be familiar with examples/types of information that can be obtained from paleopathology - Be able to discuss a few examples of what we know about disease in the Paleolithic (~2 mya to agriculture) – Be able to discuss how agriculture and urban environments changed how humans interacted with infectious disease – Emerging and reemerging disease (define and what factors are associated with this pattern) – Be able to discuss examples of how malria, schistotomiasis, and trypanomiasis are the result of change in the environmental (broadly defined). – Omnivore – Paleolithic diet – Current diet in US and differences from “Paleolithic Diet” – Critiques of idea there is only one appropriate human diet – Lactase persistence/ impersistance from an evolutionary perspective – Evidence for/against idea that milk makes us tall, strong and healthy –...
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Anthropology 4590 Midterm Review - Be familiar with...

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