Anthropology 4590 Midterm Review

Anthropology 4590 Midterm Review - Be familiar with...

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Anthropology 4590 / 6590 Midterm: Ecology and Evolution of Human Disease What anthropology contributes to study of human disease – Emic and etic perspectives – Cultural relativism, ethnocentrism, noble-savage syndrome, bioethnocentrism – Disease, Illness, Sickness – Fitness (define/discuss in context of natural selection) – Natural selection – Evolutionary (Ultimate) and Proximate Explanations – Constraints, defense, trade-off, conflict, mismatch, etc…why humans are vulnerable to disease – (Categories of reasons for vulnerabilities to disease) – Evolutionary perspective on human childbirth –
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Host, Agent, Vector – Methods of transmission – Exposure vs. Infection vs. Symptoms – Anthroponotic and zoootic – Incidence, prevalence – Endemic, epidemic, pandemic – Human adaptation to malaria, especially examples from lecture/Desowitz –
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Unformatted text preview: Be familiar with examples/types of information that can be obtained from paleopathology - Be able to discuss a few examples of what we know about disease in the Paleolithic (~2 mya to agriculture) Be able to discuss how agriculture and urban environments changed how humans interacted with infectious disease Emerging and reemerging disease (define and what factors are associated with this pattern) Be able to discuss examples of how malria, schistotomiasis, and trypanomiasis are the result of change in the environmental (broadly defined). Omnivore Paleolithic diet Current diet in US and differences from Paleolithic Diet Critiques of idea there is only one appropriate human diet Lactase persistence/ impersistance from an evolutionary perspective Evidence for/against idea that milk makes us tall, strong and healthy...
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Anthropology 4590 Midterm Review - Be familiar with...

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