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Warren Bales Assignment #12 Prof. Everett March 8 th , 2011 1. What are the distinctive characteristics of the religious orientation that Weber called the “Protestant ethic?” - One must be active, wasting time is the first and principle sin - To accumulate wealth is a blessing - A commitment to fulfilling one’s duty on earth before being able to rest in heaven - The belief that working hard gives glory to god In what ways did they promote the development of the capitalist economic system? - The Protestant Ethic spurred a movement that viewed personal gain as equal to or more important than that of the group. It is just as important to gain wealth for oneself
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Unformatted text preview: as it is to give to others. 2. In what respects do early Calvinists with a sense of calling differ from todays workaholics?-The ethic behind a calling is one where the worker finds meaning and duty in working and accumulating wealth. The task of performing work and profiting is not only in the individuals best interests, it gives glory to the wealth God allows man to have. -A workaholic is someone who lives for their work or just works all the time for profit, enjoyment, or whatever else may motivate them. There is often no higher calling or religious background to it....
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