Anthropology 4590 Response Paper

Anthropology 4590 Response Paper - Bales 1 Warren Bales...

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Bales 1 Warren Bales Class Response Paper Prof. Tanner June 8 th , 2011 June 1 st – Current Environments: Stress; (Evol. Med: Ch 6, 13) Stress is something we live with every day, but it can easily take control of our lives. The concept of stress is not easy to define; there are many stressors in modern life which are compounded by our own biological and internal complications. The level of stress people are put under in modern industrialized society is more than ever before. With the onset of the 24hr work day, the internet, longer work hours, greater educational demands, and more fragmented family / support groups, it is becoming harder to manage one’s time and energy levels. Stress is arguably the core of our human response system; when in times of danger, excitement, worry, or fear, we undergo stress, which in turn releases cortisol into our system. This response mechanism complicates and worsens the effects of stress to a great extent. While initially the release of cortisol was an adaptation that allowed us to survive in harsh conditions where we might have otherwise perished, it is now an anchor that hangs around the neck of each and every human being. When mankind was a hunter-gatherer based society this response was very beneficial. During harsh times when food was scarce and survival was of the utmost importance, the cortisol response would act quickly to alter the functions of the body. By
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Anthropology 4590 Response Paper - Bales 1 Warren Bales...

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