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pols 1336 exam 2 review - Review Exam 2 Political Culture...

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Review Exam 2 Political Culture 1. Given cultural constraints, who can and cannot potentially win the presidency (think about race, gender, religion, etc.); Someone who does drugs, smokes cigarettes, who is gay, an athiesist, and a rascist. 2. what issue best describes the religious v. secular split in America; gay marriage 3. examples of behaviors that were once illegal and unacceptable but are now legal and tolerated (as civil liberties) (know specifics regarding trends); porn, flag burning, govt protesting 4. the non-poverty rate in America (according to lecture – actual number slightly different); 87% 5. how cultural beliefs in equality and individualism contribute to economic trends; 6. controversial foreign policies a president pursues to ensure a growing economy at home; controlling infrastructure, regulating big business bailouts 7. how a growing economy helps a president feel more secure about America’s power position in the world; 8. in the eyes of Arab and Muslim publics, has Obama changed the perception that America does whatever it wants, that it only considers U.S. interests and not the interest of other countries it has changed their opinions Public Opinion 1. Problems with question-wording and polling (two scenarios given for each of 2 questions— apply following concepts (what is a representative poll, typical number of respondents in a poll; difference between 1-sided and 2-sided questions, what are politically-charged words, difficulty in measuring true attitudes); - representative polls -Sampling error; having 1000 represent millions -1 sided v. 2-sided questions -1 sided written in agree-disagree format intended to bias answers -2 sided are unbiased and balanced; preferred method - politically-charged words -Changing words around to swing public mood to favor or oppose something Ex. Socialism (Bad) ----> Government Activism (Good) -measuring true attitudes -People don't always tell the truth 2. what context exists in the country that makes Republicans believe they can push for significant spending cuts in the current debt ceiling debate; 3. examples of policies that do not reflect the majority will of the people (see graphic in lecture); 4. when measuring political knowledge, which question do people have the most difficulty in an- swering; who holds the positions of lower ranks of government; specifically Supreme Court Chief Justice 5. why public opinion is so important to the president; Less attacks on the president and his agenda; ability to withstand scandals
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6. how did Catholics split their vote between Republican and Democratic candidates in 2010 (know specific %); 54%- Obama, 45%- McCain 7. how did independents split their vote between Republican and Democratic candidates in 2010 (know specific %); 52%- Obama, 44%- McCain 8. how Obama did among white voters in 2008 (when compared to John Kerry in 2004—know specific %); Obama 43% and Kerry 41% 9. how abortion policy as set by US Supreme Court reflects public opinion;
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pols 1336 exam 2 review - Review Exam 2 Political Culture...

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