Exam 2 Vocabulary - 1. Acanthus: A Mediterranean plant. The...

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1. Acanthus: A Mediterranean plant. The leaves are thick, fleshy, and scalloped. A stylization of the acanthus leaf was often used in ancient decoration, especially the Corinthian capital. 2. Amphitheater: Greek, “double theater”. A Roman building type resembling two Greek theaters put together. The Roman amphitheater featured a continuous elliptical cavea around a central arena. 3. Amphora: An ancient Greek two-handled jar used for general storage purposed usually to hold wine or oil. 4. Apse: A recess, usually semi-circular, in the wall of a building, commonly found at the east end of a church. 5. Arcade: A series of arches supported by piers or columns. 6. Architrave: The lintel or lowest division of the entablature also called the epistyle. 7. Atrium: The central reception room of a Roman house that is partly open to the sky. Also the open, colonnaded court in front of and attached to a Christian Basilica. 8. Barrel Vault: semi cylindrical in cross-section is in effect a deep arch or an uninterrupted series of arches, one behind the other, over an oblong space. 9. Blind arcade: An arcade having no true openings, applied as decoration to a wall surface. 10. Capital: The uppermost member of a column, serving as a transition from the shaft to the lintel. In classical architecture, the form of the capital varies with the order. 11.
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Exam 2 Vocabulary - 1. Acanthus: A Mediterranean plant. The...

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