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1-19-11 History of Life

1-19-11 History of Life - Announcements ,Germany...

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1 BIOL 1108 Principles of Biology II Dr Kathrin Stanger Hall, PhD University Tubingen, Germany Animal physiology Dr Lisa Donovan Plant [email protected] Ecology Ph.D University of Utah 2 Announcements Check eLC [email protected] If you did not aIend Friday January 14, watch podcast on eLC Homework on eLC due Friday January 21 Syllabus has been revised, see eLC We will not be making up missed classes on Saturday January 29 Last day to drop this class, Thursday January 20 Last day to add this class, Friday January 21 3 Clicker 101 At the beginning of each class….. Please switch clicker on and it will [email protected] search for a class (and find it once I start a ppt with clicker [email protected]) If it takes too long you can enter the number or leIer in < > on the overhead screen Please enter your UGA e‐mail name as ID in your clicker (use up/down arrows to find leIers other than A‐E) Please check before each class that your ID didn’t change in your backpack 4 Clicker 101 You can earn full credit (30 points) by answering 80% of all clicker [email protected] asked this semester (see syllabus) The points are for self‐ [email protected] (commi_ng to an answer that you reasoned out to be correct) You will get credit whether your answer is actually correct or not To get the full learning (and exam prep) benefit, please make an honest effort to reason out the correct answer Thinking skills are key! 5 Q: What is the current ID in your clicker? 1. Social security number 2. 810‐number 3. UGA‐email name 4. I made it up 5. none 6 Earth ~ 4 billion years ago, no life • Universe ~ 10‐20 billion years old • Solar system ~ 4.5‐5 billion years old • Earth ~ 4.5 billion years old A Brief History of Life: EvoluEon of Diversity Earth today, diversity of organisms
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7 Earth crust solidifies Bombardment from Outer Space ceases About 4‐3.8 billion years ago (bya): 8 Crust cooled ~3.8 billion years ago Atmosphere of early earth: Hot! ‐carbon monoxide (CO), ‐carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), ‐Nitrogen (N 2 ), ‐water vapor (H 2 O) ‐NO FREE OXYGEN, or just trace amount What organic molecules could have existed?
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