1-26-11 Protists

1-26-11 Protists - Antibiotic resistance Q1 Is your UGA...

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1 1 Q1: Is your UGA e-mail ID your clicker ID? A. Yes B. No 2 Antibiotic resistance You are taken to the hospital with a serious bacterial infection. To ensure that you are treated with the most effective antibiotic your doctor cultures your bacteria. A pure culture of bacteria can be tested for antibiotic resistance by evenly swabbing it over an agar plate and pressing discs of different antibiotics into the agar. After a period of incubation (bacterial growth), sensitivity or resistance to the antibiotics can be determined by measuring the zone that forms around the discs. Image Courtesy: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. brown=bacterial growth white=antibiotics 3 Clicker Q2. Your bacteria are most resistant to which antibiotic? A. B. C. D. E. This is the result of your bacterial culture test 4 Clicker Q6: You feel better after taking your antibiotic pills for 6 days. The infection seems to be gone and since the antibiotics give you an upset stomach you are trying to decide when to stop taking the pills. What should you do? A. Stop right away B. Take them for another day C. Take them for 10 days D. Take them until they are gone 5 Antibiotic resistance Why does it happen so fast? Our part: selection for resistant variants 6 Antibiotic resistance in a natural population General bacterial population – may or may not be resistant to antimicrobial agents
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1-26-11 Protists - Antibiotic resistance Q1 Is your UGA...

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