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2-11-11 Life Cycles

2-11-11 Life Cycles - 3Generalprocesses :csexuallife cycles...

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Life Cycles‐big picture 3 General processes 3 Major categories of eukaryo:c sexual life cycles animal fungi plant Q1? For eukaryotes, alterna2on of genera2ons is a shared derived trait for: a. Animals b. Fungi c. Algae d. Land plants e. Vascular plants Q2? A life cycle with alterna2on of genera2ons has a. Mul2cellular gametophyte and sporophyte forms b. Unicellular gametophyte and mul2cellular sporophyte forms c. Meiosis and fer2liza2on, but no mitosis d. Diploid gametes e. Conjuga2on What are 3 general processes that affect cellularity (single cell or mul:cellular) and ploidy
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