2-14-11 Plant Reproduction

2-14-11 Plant Reproduction -...

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Plant Reproduc/on ‐4 major plant groups ‐Details for flowering plants 1 Q1? Sexual life cycles for animals, plants and fungi have: a. Fer>liza>on and meiosis b. Meiosis and mitosis c. Fer>liza>on and meiosis d. Fer>liza>on, meiosis, and mitosis 2 Q2? Plant spores give rise directly to: a. Sporophytes b. Gametophytes c. Gamates d. Zygotes e. Seeds 3 Where is the gametophyte and the sporophyte? Fig 29.8 4 All vascular plants: sporophyte dominance Example :ferns gametophyte sporophyte
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2-14-11 Plant Reproduction -...

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