Dear 1108 folks - Dear 1108 folks: Here are questions from...

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Dear 1108 folks: Here are questions from exam 3 last year. BIOL 1108 EXAM III Dr. Barstow/Dr. Crim Mar. 31, 2000 1. Which of the following hormones is INCORRECTLY paired with its action? a. GnRH-controls release of FSH and LH b. estrogen-responsible for primary and secondary female sex characteristics c. human chorionic gonadotropin-maintains secretions from the corpus luteum d. luteinizing hormone-stimulates follicles to develop e. progesterone-stimulates follicles to develop 2. Which of the following structures is INCORRECTLY paired with its function? a. epididymis-maturation and storage of sperm b. fallopian tube-site of normal embryonic implantation c. seminal vesicles-add sugar and mucus to semen d. placenta-maternal/fetal exchange organ; progesterone producing e. prostate gland-ads alkaline substances to semen 3. Which of the following structures is INCORRECTLY paired with its function? a. seminiferous tubules-add fluid containing mucus, fructose, and prostaglandin to semen b. scrotum-encases testes and holds them below the abdominal cavity c. epididymis-stores sperm d. prostate gland-adds alkaline secretions to semen e. ovary-secretes estrogen and progesterone 4. During the menstrual cycle, what is the main source of progesterone in females? a. adrenal cortex b. b. anterior pituitary c. corpus luteum d. d. developing follicle e. e. placenta 5. How does an IUD (Interuterine device)function? a. prevents release of mature eggs and/or sperm from the gonads b. prevents fertilization by keeping sperm and egg physically separated by a barrier c. prevents implantation of an embryo d. prevents sperm from entering the urethra e. prevents oocytes from traveling into the uterus
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6. There are five hormones regulating the human menstrual and ovarian cycles. Which of these structures secretes these hormones? a. hypothalamus b. pituitary c. ovaries d. Both B and C are correct. e. A, B, and C are correct. 7. Which of the following is mismatched? a. mesoderm-notochord b. endoderm-lungs c. ectoderm-liver d. mesoderm-somites e. ectoderm-eye 8. The cortical reaction functions directly in the a. formation of a fertilization membrane. b. production of a fast block to polyspermy. c. release of hydrolytic enzymes from the sperm cell. d. generation of a nervelike impulse by the egg cell. e. the fusion of egg and sperm nuclei. 9. Which of the following is(are) TRUE concerning the vitelline layer of the sea urchin egg? a. It is outside the fertilization membrane. b. It releases calcium, which initiates the cortical reaction. c. It has receptor molecules that are specific for binding acrosomal proteins. d. Only A and B are correct. e. A, B and C are correct. 10. If an amphibian zygote is manipulated so that the first cleavage plane does NOT divide the gray crescent, what is the expected fate of the two daughter cells? a.
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Dear 1108 folks - Dear 1108 folks: Here are questions from...

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