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Section 3, Lab 1 Next Step Assignment #2: Write a Research Article, Version One of Three Individual Effort You are strongly encouraged to carefully read pages xvi-xvii in the Introductory Material for guidelines on how to write your article before you begin writing; please note the bolded section on completing individual work. Also referring to Appendix D, “Writing in Science,” will assist you in the writing process. How do I earn points on this assignment? This assignment is the first version of your research article. You will revise this assignment two times before handing in a final version. You will not receive a numerical grade for this version or the next. Instead, your GLA will provide you with feedback on how to turn in the best final product of which you are capable. This feedback may be in written or oral form. When commenting on this version of your article, your GLA will focus on large-scale issues related to your paper. These issues are as follows: Article Content Criteria: Version One
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