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Peer Review of Alex Moore's Question

Peer Review of Alex Moore's Question - explanation if you...

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Pinal Patel TA: Jessica Hoffman BIOL 1108L, Thursday 8 AM Alex Moore’s Question Peer Review Question: How does the intensity of light effect the movement of Volvox? This is very good researchable question. I believe that overall it met the criteria of a good question. The question states very specifically about experiment that could be done. This researchable could be experimented in short amount of given time. It is not confusing or unclear to me. The explanation of this question had basic detail of Volvox related to light. In the
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Unformatted text preview: explanation, if you could explain more about how would you increase or decrease the photosynthetic activity that will affect the movement of Volvox. There is a clear, logical, thoughtful, reasoned explanation of question with evidence showing from other peer review articles. Peer reviews from others gave more reasoned and helpful information about the question. This question deserves a rating of 8-above average....
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