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Pinal Patel TA: Jessica Hoffman BIOL 1108L, Thursday 8 AM Preeti Khubar’s Question Peer Review Question: Is the clear and transparent body of the Daphnia beneficial for testing temperatures and other factors in an ecosystem with hot temperature and high acidity? Overall this question does not meet the criteria of a good question. This question is not stating the purpose of the question specifically. It is kind of confusing in the sense what are you trying to say. In the explanation, you are stating multiple things to experiment instead of focusing on specific one. You have not said in what way the Daphnia could be beneficial by changing temperature and acidity. There is evidence shown that “somatic growth was higher at
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Unformatted text preview: higher temperature”. On based on this support, you might want to modify the question that actually supports the argument. You can maybe test the Daphnia in the changing temperature or the changing acidity. So, it would be easier to experiment on the Daphnia when you are focusing on one thing rather than two different things in short given time, for example, two hours. There were supporting information for changing acidity and temperature from other peer reviewed articles that support the fact that there are some affects of it. I think that this question deserves the rating of 6-average....
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