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Final Draft Paper 3 - Pinal Patel Signe O Wegener ENGL...

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Pinal Patel Signe O. Wegener ENGL 1102M April 21, 2011 Minority Groups and Dominant Groups As a being minority group, group of African American blacks and few white people were used to make fun of me of my accent of English in high school. English is not my first language. Therefore, I had difficulties in speaking and pronouncing words. For that reason, I did not talk much of English during first year of high school. Minority and dominant groups do have an effect on the self- confidence and behaviors of a human being. A minority group consists of individuals who are labeled as socially undesirable and discriminated against on the basis of their identity. “Phinney reported that African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, and American Indians all suffer from negative stereotypes imposed by the dominant American culture, which denigrates precisely those aspects of ethnic culture that minorities take pride in” (Rider, 2006). Dominant groups are groups with more power, privilege, and social status. Both minority and dominant groups have held their own characteristics and ways in which they became a part of either group. Both minority and majority groups treat each other differently in reply to each action. Not surprisingly, it depends on which class and an individual belongs to, their whole life can change. Many minority groups face a lot of discrimination, segregation, and racism. The movie, Crash and Sherman Alexie's, “This is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona” are two best examples, which shows the differences and problems between minority and majority groups. In the movie “ Crash ”, the minority groups presented are treated differently by the majority groups, and their lifestyle differ also (Crash). In this movie, Rick and Jean Cabot are robbed twice by someone. Once the two young black men, Anthony and Peter steal their car by drawing guns on the head. On the same night, their house is robbed by someone. Now Jean does not even trust the
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locksmith, Daniel who comes to fix the locks of the doors after they are robbed. Because she thinks that they will be robbed again by same people. So, there is insecurity that she feels toward minority groups and groups other than Whites. Jean Cabot even gets angry with her Mexican maid Maria has not
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Final Draft Paper 3 - Pinal Patel Signe O Wegener ENGL...

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