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ENGL1101/1102/1102M T HE R EFLECTIVE I NTRODUCTION TO YOUR P ORTFOLIO The Reflective Introduction should have a thesis and should analyze and synthesize the elements of your First-year Portfolio. Essentially, what this means is that you will be writing a clear, concise (1000 words), thesis-driven essay that introduces your portfolio, makes a central claim or claims, describes, and draws conclusions about your writing, revising, and editing with regard to this class. That’s a lot to cover; plan to write more and edit it down to your very best 500-1000 words. All of the material you have written for this class and all of the material you have included in your Portfolio will provide the evidence, that is, the supporting details and quotes, which you’ll need to fully develop your body paragraphs. Providing plenty of specific evidence to support clear topics is, as always, the foundation of a strong RI essay. Here are some other possible topics you might want to address as you are developing the introduction,
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