Kinds of reading and autobiography

Kinds of reading and autobiography - Pinal Patel Signe...

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Pinal Patel Signe Wegener ENGL 1102M Writing Assignments "What kinds of reading do you like to do?" Reading is not always what I like to do. Reading always has been very critical when it comes to reading of many pages. Therefore, I like to do scanning and also extensive reading that interests me. Scanning is very much helpful to get overall idea quickly. It is easier and faster reading in short amount of time. It is not always helpful to do scanning to do understand concepts. Extensive reading is more preferable to understand the theories. Most of my reading of my classes include critical reading that has to be understood deeply. Since my major is Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy, it covers most of theories and concepts. It has been about six years in the US, and that is the amount of time that I have to read and write something in English. There are many things that I have learned about reading and writing. I have never done any long readings or writings in English before I came to United States of America. There was one good thing that happened to me and I did it, which is I took in ESOL classes during my four years of high school. The ESOL classes helped a lot with my writing and reading. I have continued to take ESOL classes at UGA also to make more practice with my English. It has been improvement in my reading process and also understanding. In the reading, I have to read each line carefully and understand. Sometimes I have to read each line 2-3 times to understand it. Reading is a critical process for everybody and more difficult is to understand.
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"My autobiography." My name is Pinal Patel. My full name is Patel Pinal Mahendrabhai. I was born on June 30,
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Kinds of reading and autobiography - Pinal Patel Signe...

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