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Paper 2 Draft 2 - Pinal Patel Dr Signe Wegener ENGL 1102M...

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Pinal Patel Dr. Signe Wegener ENGL 1102M March 8, 2011 Inter-Racial Marriages Gary Soto's “Like Americans” discusses the topic of inter-racial marriages. In the text, Gary, a young Mexican-American, marries Carolyn, a Japanese-American woman. Although they come from different ethnic backgrounds, they have a successful marriage because of similar education, similar background such as farming, and similar economic background. Both have been raised in the U.S. Inter-Racial could be successful in certain ways like Soto's story, and unsuccessful in contrast to Soto's story. Most people search for love. In multicultural societies, this may lead to inter-racial relationships, including both long term couples and informal dating. As of today, the inter-racial marriages are happening all over the world. For example, movies, novels, and stories revolve around this situation. It is happening more and more although that many people do not accept this kind of marriages, and have an effect on the children and other family members. These kinds of marriages face many complications such as, family and society disagreement, and communication gap due to language difficulties. Yet there are advantages involved with inter-racial marriages, such as knowing the each others culture, language, and identity. In today's US, where inter-racial marriages are steadily increasing, it may come as a surprise that such relationship are of new date. Although some states had allowed inter-racial marriages for generations, it was not until 1967 that this became federal law (Company). There were number of cases were registered for inter-racial marriages after the Loving v. Virginia case. In the United States, there are thousands of people from different ethnic background. Almost all groups intermarry with the respect of their choice, especially in the United States where there is a variety of ethnic groups. For
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example, my cousin who lives in the United States presently, and was living alone before the marriage.
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