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José Pablo Pecho Draft 1 – Why I do not believe in minorities. There is a main problem with minorities, it does not matter what minority group we are talking about, and the problem is that the rest of the society classifies them as one group, as one unique kind of persons that are this and that this sentence is so confusing, modify it. . As a Hispanic studying in the United States I have experienced this situation many times clarify what kind of problem. . I am not aware of what the stereotypes of Native American are, but is enough to refer them as “Native Americans” to know that there is a problem this sentence might not like to somebody who is native american. This is like if you come from this group, problems surrounds you. May be you can change the way of saying this sentence. . During the two weeks of this class, we have read several reading written by Native Americans, and we can be aware that they are completely different, what is equal for them is the struggling that we have on the regular basis, just for the fact of being Native Americans. My interest in this essay is to explain and support the reason why I think we should not, as a society
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