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Peer review of paper 3 draft 1 for Bai Helen

Peer review of paper 3 draft 1 for Bai Helen - 's element...

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Helen Bai Signe O. Wegener Engl 1102M 28 March 2011 What Attracts Readers? Why do so many authors write stories with supernatural elements? Fictional story writers often times create stories containing elements that are unlike human, like magic or supernatural beings, to draw readers' attentions. Then why do so many people read these stories? Answering this question, people are drawn to these stories because they are different from human beings. The supernatural abilities interest people because humans do not have those abilitie and these can be only created through imaginations. And many authors put down these imaginations through texts so people can experience what these supernatural elements are like. Today, texts such as the Holy Bible and Twilight are most popular among the people and grabs many readers' attentions. The Holy Bible is a religious text that is cosisted of not only humans but also characters that are not human. Also, Twilight has a plot that includes vampires and werewolves. The Holy Bible
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Unformatted text preview: 's element created by the author of a hierchy power calld “God” and the vampires in Twilight creating additional conflict and drama attract readers; however without these supernatural elements, these interesting texts will down grade to ordinary texts losing readers' attentions. The Holy Bible , which can be the firm foundation of Christianity, is known through out the world today. And because Christianity is so widely practiced, it can be presented as the most famous text that coporates supernatural elements. Among the supernatural elements, this text has a plot that includes supernatural beings. The heirchy power in the text is called God and he is also known as the “creator”. According to the Holy Bible , God created the heaven, earth, and all the living and non-living creatures. This power of being inhumae attracts people to read the text because humans do no have this kind of ablility....
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