Infant Lecture 3

Infant Lecture 3 - Infant and Child Lecture 3 January 24,...

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Infant and Child Lecture 3 January 24, 2007 Congenital Malf. – there are a number Cause % of defect Single gene 20% Mendelian Diseases --------------------------------------------- Chromosomal Abnormalities 10% -down syndrome --------------------------------------------- Teratogens 5% -environment chemicals and pollutants [what mother can ingest and gets cast along or she may be malnourished & so developing infant doesn’t grow at the right rate] –outside agents don’t cause this…. -------------------------------------------- Unknown 65% ----------------------------------------------- Ova - female sex cell, begin to mature at puberty, she has all of her eggs when born, they don’t get renewed, therefore the longer it takes time to get released the higher the risk it will get a problem [radiation, disease], it may be a risk factor for down syndrome, every 56 days a fallopian tube releases an egg, if not on wall then discharged, cilia propel egg, so eggs get older and at risk for environment Sperm cells - produced constantly, smaller than ova, self propelled, 200-400 million sperms in each ejaculate, only 1 in a 100 gets in the area of the ovum, attracted to ova by chemical odor secreted by ova but only one sperm enters causing rest to shut out, are vulnerable to a males life style. Conception Okay- you know Infertility Male: -LSC- low sperm count; there may not be sufficient quantity to reach egg, -DS-deformed sperm, as men get older they get flat heads so they don’t penetrate eggs -LSM- low sperm motility -ID- infections in men -T to T- direct trauma in the testes -genetic factors may cause this, teratogens [environmental poisons], sexually transmitted infections and over heating of testes, pressure to testes, aging and effects on drugs Female: -F to O – failure to ovulate [fertility drugs used] -Inf- infections – pelvic inflammatory disease [PID]
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Infant Lecture 3 - Infant and Child Lecture 3 January 24,...

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