Infant Lecture 5

Infant Lecture 5 - Infant 5 January 31, 2007 Mother...

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Infant 5 January 31, 2007 Mother Nutrition Malnutrition in Mother- true for last trimester, associated with pre mature birth, low birth weight, associated with retardation with brain development, cognitive deficiencies in the fetus as it goes through childhood and behavior problems, memory loss? Mother weight- an mother can expect to gain 25-35 pounds, a full term infant is 7-7.5 lbs and she puts on her own weight but there may be wide variations, inadequate weight gain is associated with pre mature or low birth weight babies Folic acid-supplements be taken by mother [recommended], low levels are associated with neural tube defects, Overly slim women are in higher risk for premature birth and low birth weight babies than normal women; obese women are at a higher risk for still birth relative to normal women Teratogens- [different from Mal Nutrition] – environmental agents that can harm embryo or fetus, damage depends on amount and when they are exposed to embryo or fetus, there are critical periods in development where it could have disastrous affects where other times no affect Drugs Subs produced Mother - Heavy Metals- pesticides [kids with autism have more oral connection with this stuff [more ingested] so that’s why brain takes a detour by 18 months and goes on its own route] Excessive Hormones Radiation- fetus at risk for neural and skeletal problems Pathogens STI- sexually transmitted infections Critical Period Rubella –German measles, may cause birth defects in fetus Toxemia – high BP in mother, may be related to diet and it can be deadly to mother and causes premature or undersized infants Rh Incompatibility btwn fetus and mother. - this may lead to brain damage or death of the
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Infant Lecture 5 - Infant 5 January 31, 2007 Mother...

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