Infant Lecture 6

Infant Lecture 6 - Infant Lecture 6 February 5 2007 Birth...

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Infant Lecture 6 February 5, 2007 Neonate – first 28 days after birth, Stages- prior to stages of birth is Prior- lightening – dropping, after full growth moving so head is down, if other way with legs first then breeched [cord could get stuck] Braxton-Hicks contractions, can show up as early as 6 th month Spotting- mother may experience this as blood spotting, may begin prior to labor proper Fluid- amniotic, 10% have this discharge Symptoms: Indigestion, diarrhea, cramps,,…. Oxytocin – secreted during labor to help during childbirth, hormone secreted by mother and also involved in breast feeding, First St : Contractions – uterine contractions and dilation of cervix, mother gets prepped, hair shaved, may be given anemo to help relieve pressure Dilation- see above Prep- see above Monitoring- of fetus, heart rate is monitored, - forceps or vacuum extraction may be used to help move child along Transit- takes about 30 minutes, at this point cervix is fully dilated, 10 cm , or 4 inches, now head of fetus which was settling in pelvis begins to enter vagina, frequent contractions, birth cancel for fetus…. 2 nd Crowning- starts with this, head of infant appears at end of birth canal and begins to emerge, there may be an Episiotomy [ cutting to help prevent tearing], fairly controversial, Head- fully emerged then
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Mucous- sucked from nostrils and mouth to clear way for breathing **Critical** dire consequences for future variation in childs abilities Cord- gets clamped and severed? Footprint- child may be foot printed and APGAR scale given APGAR- scale rating security of child, named after Virginia Apgar, CU first female MD- 1933, went on to specialize in surgery, appointed Prof of Anesthesiology at CU, noticed affects of anesthesia being given to mother on the wellness of newborns, up until this scale there was no quantification of their health, there was a scoring system on each of
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Infant Lecture 6 - Infant Lecture 6 February 5 2007 Birth...

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