Infant Lecture 8

Infant Lecture 8 - Infant Lecture 8 Learning Crying Sleep...

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February 12, 2007 Learning - Crying - Sleep - SIDS- sudden infant death syndrome – “Crib Death” – strikes while baby is sleeping, most common cause of deaths of infants in their first year, most likely to occur between 2 nd and 5 th month, start to loose reflexes [comes at the same time reflexes are leaving a child], some risk factors: putting babies to sleep on their stomachs, premature and low birth weight babies have a higher risk of SIDS because respiratory babies started out weaker, males more than females, African American babies higher risk too, babies of teenage mothers, and babies whose mothers smoked or used narcotics or tobacco [babies are less responsive, less oxygen] Operant Conditioning-know, because the organism is giving reinforcement, not necessarily a reward, but something you desire, Classical Conditioning-know, condition a reflex, last week we talked about a number of reflexes a new born is equipped with, classically conditioned to a new situation Sleep patterns- the neonate spends about 16 hours a day sleeping, about half of that time the infant is in REM sleep, during REM the infant is experiencing dreaming, 30% by 6 months of age, by 2-3 years REM drops to 20%, Normal infant cries about 2 hours a day, designed to get your attention, crying sometimes means the infant is in distress [pain or discomfort], they’ll also cry to begin to express themselves [earliest form of communication], crying elicits attention of another [infant may be held, fed, moved, etc] – communication value, some infants that seem to cry excessively – Colloquy baby: often time they are hypertonic [tenser muscles], infant discharges by crying, they stop when they being crawling, Colic Video- Not quite asleep but not quite paying attention-drowsy states- 1 hr Crying states…2 hours for average kid Active Sleep- 2 hours Quiet Sleep Alert awake – 2 hours a day 2.5- awake Begin to learn within 40 months How do they do that? Video: birth
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Infant Lecture 8 - Infant Lecture 8 Learning Crying Sleep...

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